Casa de Campo: A Food Lover’s Paradise

According to the newspaper USA Today – the largest daily in the United States – Casa de Campo is on the list of the world’s top 12 resorts for its excellent cuisine. According to USA Today reporter Jane Reynolds the Caribbean resortpublished in the daily that Casa de Campo has everything needed to please even the most demanding guests.

In her article, journalist Reynolds also includes other resorts in Barbados, Santa Barbara, Jamaica, Atlanta, Mexico, Miami, the Bahamas and Los Angeles. Reynolds reports that the “The Casa de Campo resort offers everything from a casual pizza to exquisite tapas at the bar. is a paradise for food lovers; guests will feel like celebrities at the Beach Club by Le Cirque or enjoy a delicious snack by the sea, such as fried fish niblets.”

The world-famous resort features such restaurants as La Morela, whose specialty is combining popular local ingredients to prepare out-of-this-world dishes. The restaurant is open from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; the Beach Club by Le Cirque, situated in the resort’s popular Minitas Beach and known for its special grilled fish barbecue every Saturday night. La Cantina, located in the nearby Altos de Chavon artist colony, features Dominican and Caribbean foods. For that perfect desert the resort features the “Crema Restaurant,” offering a special menu with sandwiches, desserts and grilled meats.

The Casa de Campo resort offers guests some 1,500 luxury villas, many situated overlooking the Caribbean Sea, four magnificent golf courses, a cruise port; a marina at the mouth of the Chavon River with capacity for 350 boats up to 250 feet long, and a host of sports facilities.

The resort is affiliated with the Preferred Hotels & Resorts chain of luxury hotels and is a member of Leading Hotels of the World.

In addition to golf, Casa de Campo also offers polo facilities, an equestrian and yacht club, 13 tennis courts and a shooting range. Also available: a spa, restaurants, spacious rooms, exclusive beaches and the nearby Altos de Chavon artist’s village.

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