Caribbean Tourism Exchange will be in June 2014

The 18th annual Caribbean Tourism Exchange (BTC 2014) is scheduled to take place from June 26-28 in Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic.

The trade fair is the perfect place to promote, sell and offer tourism-related services.  All kinds of opportunities will be discussed at the “Business Roundtable Workshop,” one of the fair’s most important events.

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The BTC 2014 provides potential customers with a wide range of business-oriented contacts in the Dominican Republic and the rest of the Caribbean region.

This year the fair will focus on the French market, with the co-sponsorship of the French-Dominican Chamber of Commerce.

The event will also provide information on hotels, airlines, on the official tourism agencies and ministries in the region, cruise companies, educational and cultural tourism, golf, conferences and conventions, culinary diversity and eco-tourism.

Fair organizers have scheduled a Dominican-French Food Festival, where the creativity and originality of French cuisine will be fully displayed and thoroughlly enjoyed.

Also, tourism experts will participate in a host of conferences and workshops where representatives from the tourism industry, including students, will be able to participate.

There will also be an area for local artisans to display their arts and crafts. More information available:

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