96% of Tourists want to return to the Dominican Republic

According to a recent survey carried out by the Dominican Republic Central Bank, 96.6 % of all tourists visiting the Dominican Republic in 2013 said they would return to the country. Ninety percent said that their expectations were fully met.

The quarterly survey was carried out in the country’s international airports in Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, La Romana, Santiago and Samana.

The survey reveals that 36.7% of all international visitors traveled to the country attracted by the quality of its beaches; 15.6% by the weather; 11.1% for Dominican hospitality; 8.9% for its attractive rates; 7.9% through word of mouth recommendations, 6% for job-related travel and 5.2% to get away from it all.

Other important percentages: cleaning services were rated as excellent or very good (70%); food quality (69%); beaches (68.2%); accommodations (66.2 %) overall hotel facilities (65.5%); hotels and quality entertainment (64.9 %).

Also, 61.2% of tourists said the quality of services received during their stay in the Dominican Republic was “excellent” and “very good”; 31.7 % said the services were “good or acceptable.”

Airport facilities and services, local transportation, the overall quality of transportation vehicles and sports facilities were rated as “good/acceptable” by 78.9 % of all visitors surveyed (41.0% and 37.9%, respectively).

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