The Enchanted Valley

Many visitors to the region believe that this mysterious mountain paradise, as its name suggests, opens the door to a whole new dimension of the Dominican Republic.

This impressive and very beautiful valley is situated in the very center of the Dominican Republic, and is surrounded by the Caribbean’s highest mountain chain.

Visitors who want to find out more about what the alleged mysteries that surround the mysterious valley are constantly attracted to it, but basically because of its incredible beauty.

As its name implies, “Valle Encantado” or the Enchanted Valley in English, is a beautiful and mysterious place. Surrounded by the mountains of the Constanza region, in the country’s central region, countless legends linked to the place have annually attracted hundreds of tourists who want to experience first-hand the stories told by the locals.

Some of the stories tell of mysterious sounds heard during specific times of the years, especially during the winter months.

According to Johnny Tactuc, manager of Constanza’s Tourism Office, visitors and locals confirm hearing the sound of a passing train, of a waterfall, honking horns and noises only heard in busy city streets.

All these sounds are supposedly generated in a remote region situated 2,600 meters above sea ​​level with little human activity in the area.

Mr. Tactuc also explains that there is a magnetic field in the region that does not allow for the proper functioning of compasses and other electronic devices, even though the valley is situated near one of the country’s most important telecommunications center.

Visitors to the region include national and international scientists hoping to decipher some of the local tales that for decades have circulated among locals in this mysterious valley, giving it the name of the “Enchanted Valley of the Caribbean.”

The Door to another Dimension

Many actually believe that the world’s fourth dimensional door can be found in the valley. The other three doors are allegedly found in the Bermuda Triangle in the Caribbean, in the Valley of Death, in Mexico, and the other in Egypt.

Others truly believe that additional doors are to be found in the Nazca Valley in Peru, the “Cipango” or Devil’s Triangle in Japan.

Although dozens of scientists have traveled to the Constanza Valley in search for answers, so far no credible studies have been presented regarding the mysterious sounds heard throughout the valley.

Other local tales include the disappearance of people and animals, as well as the sightings of individuals dressed in costumes from past centuries.  One of the most famous cases regarding the disappearance of humans was the unexplained disappearance of the Venezuelan investigative journalist, Oscar Blanco Fombona, in 1949.

On June 24th, 2002 Franklin Dominguez, a member of a local foundation studying these phenomena, wrote an article titled “New Valley: A Limitless Border,” where he explained that the “Fundacion Conservacionista Cubituarios” has been carrying out serious research in the Enchanted Valley and have documented the energy fields in the region, extrasensory vibrations, telepathic voices and magnetic tractions that provide passage to other dimensions.”

Winter Wonderland

Aside from the many mysterious stories that surround it, the valley is also a beautiful region well worth visiting. For one, it is the only alpine ecosystem in the Caribbean, and home to the lowest registered temperatures on the island which, during the winter months, can drop to -5 degrees Celcius.

A walk through one of its many hiking trails can easily turn into an unforgettable experience.

The region’s unique ecosystem provides visitors with a view worthy of a European mountain destination in the very heart of the Caribbean.

The Enchanted Valley is located within the boundaries of Constanza’s tallest mountains, and is situated in the Juan Bautista Pérez Rancier National Park.

Without a doubt the Enchanted Valley region is one of the Dominican Republic’s most beautiful destinations. Access to the area is possible with the assistance of qualified tour guides, which will provide the visitor with all the necessary information for a safe and enjoyable stay.  (

By Anya Duran

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