North America Was the Tourism Market with the Greatest Growth in 2013

The North American tourism market experienced the greatest growth in the Dominican Republic’s tourism industry in 2013, in relation to the previous year.

The South American market came in second, with a growth of five percent.

Today, the North American market generates 56% of all tourists traveling to the Dominican Republic, and the arrival of tourists grew by 3.6%.

According to the country’s Central Bank, in its latest report on the Dominican tourism market, the U.S. market grew by 6.3 % last year and continued to be largest source of tourists visiting the Dominican Republic, with an impressive 56%.

During the January- December 2013 period, an additional 140,000 American citizens visited the country over the figures registered in 2012.

In total, 2.1 million tourists from the United States, Canada and Mexico visited the Dominican Republic.

The number of South American tourists visiting the Dominican Republic increased by 21,620 visitors over the numbers registered in the previous year.

The number of Chilean visitors increased by 13,120, 11,000 from Brazil and 4,380 from Argentina.

The countries with the highest growth rates in tourist arrivals were the United States (143,923 visitors); Germany (29,700); Russia (20,808); Chile (13,120); Brazil (11,377) and England (10,224).

In general, the arrival of visitors to the Dominican Republic in 2013 registered a 3.6 % increase over the previous year, from 3.9 million in 2012 to more than four million in 2013.

The Punta Cana International Airport is still the country’s most important airport, receiving 63.6 % of all visitors traveling to the Dominican Republic.  The airport facility handled 2.5 million visitors last year.

The Las Americas and Puerto Plata international airports received 19.7 % and 8.7%, respectively, of all international arrivals, while the La Romana, Cibao, La Isabela, and El Catey received eight percent of all arrivals.

Preferred Accommodations

More than ninety percent of international travelers visiting the Dominican Republic in 2013 stayed in the country’s many hotels or resorts, while 93.2% said the main reason for traveling to the Dominican Republic was for recreation.

The Central Bank also reported that 64% of all international travelers to the country were young.  Sixty four percent were between the ages of 21 and 49, while 53% were female and 47% male.

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