First Dominican Eco-Tourism Fair to be Held October 2014


The “World Eco-Tourism and Production Fair” will be held from October 18-26, 2014 in Santiago, the Dominican Republic’s second largest city.

The event is organized by the “Fundacion Ciencia y Arte” and the Mayor’s Office of Santiago.

The fair will feature products, services, projects, conferences and workshops, business roundtables, cultural activities, sports events, and tours to nearby eco-tourism locations.

The activity will be organized by the Foundation, and the City Council of Santiago, with the support of government institutions, private companies and community organizations as well as regional and international cooperation agencies.

The fair will present the country’s eco-tourism offers, such as sustainable development programs and projects.

It will also highlight the importance of the local production sectors, as the spinal column of this important tourism offer.

During the fair exhibitors will feature local products, services and projects, hold conferences, workshops and business roundtables, feature cultural activities, hold sporting events and sponsor tours to nearby cities and towns that are attractive eco-tourist destinations.

The activity aims to promote the country’s beautiful Cibao region, situated in the very center of the Dominican Republic.

The Cibao is the country’s most important agricultural region.

The many eco-tourism destinations in the region make it an important destination for national and international visitors.

The city of Santiago produces 15% of the country’s gross domestic product, and 67% of its territory consists of beautiful mountain ranges and fertile valleys.

Much of the country’s agricultural products come from this fertile region.  Santiago is also known as the “Cigar Capital of the World.”

The “Fundacion Ciencia y Arte” is a nonprofit institution that for the past twenty years has contributed to the development of the Dominican Republic, and has promoted stronger bilateral relations with Haiti.

The Foundation has organized similar fairs in previous years, promoting eco-tourism projects and local development and production.

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