Dominican 16th Century Homes Converted into Luxury Boutique Hotels

Various 16th century homes situated in Santo Domingo’s Colonial Section are being refurbished and turned into a five-star boutique hotel.

The homes, that are four centuries old and rich in historical and architectural values, have been turned into a fashionable boutique hotel always respecting the home’s original ambience.

The city’s Colonial Section has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Two of these colonial period homes have already been completely refurbished.  The homes, identified as “La Casa del Arbol” (The Tree House) and “La Casa de los Mapas” (The House of Maps) are situated on “Calle 19 de Marzo” (19th of March Street), one of the Colonial Section’s most important streets.

The first has been turned into a three-bedroom facility, and the other features four bedrooms.

The new facilities, along with furniture and décor, preserve the home’s original architecture.  Guests will enjoy all the amenities offered by a luxury hotel, including a professional staff trained to provide guests with the best service possible.

Each house has maintained its individuality, while at the same time become part of a hotel complex with a central management structure.

Each unit is attended by a trained butler and features swimming pools, outdoor dining areas, libraries and bars.

This innovative project is managed by the Solara, S.R.L., Company, a member of the Vicini Group – one of the country’s most important business consortiums – and will be operated by the Prohotel International and HMS Company, under the standards established by the Small Luxury Hotels of The World concept.

The “Vicini” name is used by the Vicini family to identify one of the Dominican Republic’s oldest and most important business conglomerates, with holdings in many sectors of the country’s economy including the tourism sector.

The project plans to incorporate an additional 20 properties situated in the Colonial Section. Three more homes will be added by the end of this year to this innovative tourism initiative, thus completing the first phase of the project.

The project’s name, “Casas XVI,” will become Santo Domingo’s first Small Luxury Hotels of The World complex, a network that features 520 luxury hotels in 70 countries throughout the world.

In total, the project will feature 67 rooms in a five-star hotel. For more information:

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