Enjoy the Natural Beauty of the Dominican Republic during a Relaxing Buggy Ride

Visitors will be able to take in the full beauty of “Cumayasa,” on the country’s eastern region, by hopping on a comfortable and relaxing four-wheel, two-passenger buggy ride.

Situated near the eastern city of La Romana and other important tourism areas, the two-hour buggy ride will take the visitors through one of the Dominican Republic’s most unique natural areas.

The “Cumayasa” region is bordered by the “Cumayasa” River and the Caribbean Sea.

The “Cumayasa” region is the perfect spot for buggy travel because the compact vehicle, equipped for two passengers, offers visitors the opportunity to drive through narrow roads, lush green fields, and through wooded areas rich with tropical wildlife.

The tour will wind through age-old caves, beautiful crystal-clear beaches and an impressive limestone landscape.

The “buggy” project was designed by the eco-tourism company “Mi Tierra Verde” (My Green Country).

Special tour packages are designed both for the national and international tourist, which includes educational and cultural information.

The tour ends in a lovely ranch where a succulent typical Dominican meal is served.

The ranch also offers visitors a swimming pool where they can rest and relax.

The package includes round-trip transportation for one, refreshments, tour guide, buffet lunch, a visit to the beach and access to tennis courts and swimming pool.

Some 30 guests can participate in the tour, since some 15 buggy cars participate in the package tour.

What’s a Buggy?

Buggies are light vehicles, designed to travel on dirt roads, coastal dunes and along sandy terrain. Participants love the adrenaline rush felt during one of these joyful rides. For more information: www.mitierraverde.com.

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