Santo Domingo Features World-Class Spas


Spas are the best places to go to pamper our bodies, as well as take care of our health.  The city of Santo Domingo offers excellent spas for the most demanding customers.

Local spas offer services that range for stress relief, facial treatments, aroma therapy, and many other options dedicated to pampering the mind and body.


The Beitshalom Spa’s most important feature is its Ceragen Stretcher, a special treatment featuring volcanic stones which are set in motion to align the spine column.  It also helps eliminate varicose veins and cellulite, improve circulation and lower tachycardia.  For information:

Wellness Center

This center’s exclusive skin masks are made with clay extracted from mines in Morocco and Australia. It has also created essential oils used in the aromatherapy treatments used to treat stress, insomnia, migraines and depression.  Address: Victor Garrido Puello Street, #134.

Etra Spa

The spa offers the Sportmed Spa, especially designed for athletes who may need physical therapy or nutrition advice in order to treat back pain or specific injuries.  (Body Shop Gymnasiums in Arroyo Hondo and Gustavo Mejia Ricart #30).

Oxi Center

This particular spa offers guests a number of cutting-edge treatments for those looking for the perfect relaxation massage or therapy.  Address: Las Praderas Street #30.


Offer therapeutic Oriental massages, body scrubs made ​​with elements such as kelp, green tea, vanilla and lavender. It also provides ​​aesthetic medicine treatments to rejuvenate the skin. Address: Florence Terry Street #3.

Daisy Gran Salon Spa

One of Santo Domingo’s oldest spas, this particular center concentrates on overall body wellness.  One of its most popular treatments is the “Holistic Massage Combo,” which includes, among others oriental, Reiki and Thermal therapy. Address: Paseo de los Locutres #58.  Telephone: 809 567-0050.

By Minerva Castillo

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