Ancient Caves that Hold the Secrets of the Taino Gods

The caves are situated in the city of San Cristobal, situated some 15 minutes west of Santo Domingo.

The caves – home to thousands of pre-Columbian drawings – are situated all along the surrounding mountains.

For thousands of years the caves were used by the Tainos, the original inhabitants of the island, for religious events as narrated by the Spanish chroniclers of the 15th and 16th centuries.

The mountains that surround the southwest town of San Cristobal are dotted with these ancient caves that hide the secrets brought there during thousands of years by the Taino Shamans, or priests.

Reaching the caves is not a difficult task, since many are actually quite accessible.

The great majority of these caves are located within a protected area known as the “Monumento Natural Cuevas de Borbón.”  The caves are run by the Ministry of the Environment, and most caves feature clear and very visible cave drawings made by the island’s original inhabitants.

A beautiful mountain trail links several caves.

It is an excellent option for the traveler who truly enjoys mountain trails and wants to make the visit to the region a full-day experience.

One of the most popular caves is the “Cueva del Puente” (Cave of the Bridge), an impressive sinkhole that leaves the visitor speechless because of its natural beauty.

The cave features a natural bridge formed by limestone.  This particular cave is one of the region’s most important attractions and well deserves a one-day visit by the visiting tourist.

For more information, call the Ministry of the Environment:  Telephone : 809-567-4300, or write to:

Adolfo López
Environmental Consultant

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