Punta Cana’s International Airport receives top ratings


The airport was chosen as the country’s best facility to handle the operations of Boeing 767’s, by the German airline Condor.  Punta Cana’s International Airport currently handles 60% of all tourists visiting the Dominican Republic by air.

The terminal has managed to reduce the turn-around time Condor flights to 1.5 hours, instead of the two hours it previously took to carry out the operation.

In comparison with other airports, the time reduction has meant important savings for the airline.

Other important points taken into consideration by the airline prior to determining the best international facilities where it operates: load factor (percentage of seats occupied), airport’s organization and efficiency, ramp services that facilitate passenger boarding, unloading of luggage, cleaning services, fuel supply, water and food, among others.

The award was presented during Condor’s annual World Wide Meeting.  This year the event was held during Germany’s “Oktoberfest” celebration.

Top-Rated Airport

Punta Cana’s international airport handles more than 60% of all tourists traveling to the Dominican Republic by air.  This year, during the January-October period, the airport terminal handled 63.4% of all arrivals, in comparison to 61.34% registered during 2012.

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