Brugal Rum on List of World’s most favorite rums


The Brugal Rum Company received the “Great Exporter” Award, issued by the Dominican Association of Exporters.

The Dominican rum company is currently on the list of the 16 most imported Premium Drinks in the world.

Last year the Dominican-based company sold over 12 million liters of its various brands.

The company exports an average of more than one million cases of rum each year, a 30% of its total production.

It is the number one selling rum in Spain, the largest rum market in Europe.

It is also distributed in more than 15 nations throughout the world.

During the period 2000-2012, rum exports from the Dominican Republic grew by an impressive 1,600 %.

Some six rum industries operate in the country with the proper legal permits, and all ferment, distill and age their product through a natural process.

In 2010 rum exports to 46 countries generated some US$102 million, according to the Dominican Association of Rum Manufacturers.

The main export markets of Dominican rum are Spain, Chile, the United States, Haiti and Italy.

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