Unspoiled Beauty in the “Los Martinez” Valley

Nestled along the foothills of the country’s Central Mountain Chain, the valley’s impressive beauty never seizes to surprise visitors.

In order to reach this beautiful valley, visitors must pass the southwest town of Bani and turn right on the intersection with the sign that says “San Jose de Ocoa,” a quaint mountain town in this beautiful region.

Fifteen kilometers past the intersection the visitor will see the “Los Martinez” sign.

The impressive beauty of this valley literally takes the visitor’s breath away.

Another important feature certainly worth mentioning is the warmth and friendliness of its people.

The locals have worked hard in order to turn the area into a sustainable ecological community.

Thanks to the efforts of the community, residents of “Los Martínez” now have a small hydro-electric power plant, profitable greenhouses and fish ponds, as well as other viable micro-industries that provide well for the local residents.

With the help of local guides, visitors to the region can visit the “Arroyo Blanco” waterfall, a beautiful mountain stream that originates in the nearby mountains.  The stream meanders through polished river boulders that in certain areas create heavenly pools of water for a refreshing dip.

The pristine vegetation of the region is spectacular, and the local mountain trails are excellent for breathtaking hikes.

Back in the village guests can enjoy a homemade Dominican stew, if previously ordered through the local guide.

For dessert the best treats are the caramel oranges or the sweet potato candy. All are produced locally by the villagers.

The village is home to a chapel that depicts the unique religious traditions of the area.

A conversation with one of the town’s elders will also give the visitor a sense of what this community is all about.

Adolfo López
Environmental Consultant

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