The Dominican Republic Is Now the Caribbean’s Main Tourism Destination


The Dominican Republic came out ahead during the first semester of 2013, with the arrival of 3.3 million visitors, more than any other destination in the Caribbean.  The information was provided by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO).

The Organization presented this latest information during a recent Ministers of Tourism Summit, in Martinique.

According to the CTO the Dominican Republic had the best performance in the region, followed by Cuba (1.99 million), Jamaica (1.26 million), Puerto Rico (731,959) and the Bahamas (730,988).

During this time period, 13.4 million passengers visited the Caribbean islands aboard cruise ships. The numbers presented confirm that the Caribbean is the world’s most important cruise ship destination.

In 2012 approximately 3.9 million tourists visited the Dominican Republic through the country’s various airports.  That number was 3.7 million in 2010.

The CTO also revealed that the Dominican Republic is the region’s leader in overall revenues generated by the tourism industry.  In 2012, the country’s tourism industry generated US$4.5 billion.

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