“Fun Fun Cave:” Unforgettable Underground Journey

Down below the Earth’s surface is a world full of unknown treasures.  However, if visitors are interested in seeing what’s down below they don’t have to read novelist Jules Verne’s novel “Journey to the Bottom of the Earth.”  Touring the “Fun Fun Cave” will give visitors an idea of how exciting a cave tour can actually be.  For more information: www.cuevafunfun.net.

Situated near the northeast town of Hato Mayor, this is definitely the perfect destination for anyone interested in an adventurous underground tour.  The tour begins with a typical Dominican breakfast in the meeting area, where the hikers begin preparations for the cave tour.

First, they will go on a 45-minute horse ride through fields that will take them to the cave.  The horse trail winds its way through the “Los Haitises” National Park, one of the country’s most beautiful natural regions.  All tours are led by professional park rangers who lead the visitors through a natural tunnel that will take them some 23 meters into the opening of the cave.

A Tour to the Unknown

Once inside the cave, the visitors will find themselves going through a gallery of rock formations that make up an impressive underground landscape.

All visitors must be equipped with special protective clothing, helmets, lights and specialized tour guides.  To date, only nine kilometers of this cave system have actually been explored.  The tunnels were formed thousands of years ago, according to experts, and an underground river that runs through the cave system. The tunnels, to date, have not been exploited by humans and great efforts are carried out to protect the cave’s ecosystem.

The tunnels are dark, therefore the need for helmets with lights in order to complete the two-hour tour.  At the end of the tour visitors will enjoy the cave drawings that were once drawn by the Tainos, the island’s original inhabitants.  On the way back to camp the tour guides will provide refreshments, and upon their return to the point of reunion, a Dominican-style lunch will be waiting.

The Tour

The company “Rancho Capote” organizes the “Fun Fun Cave” tour.  It is the only tour company in the Dominican Republic that specializes in these kinds of tours.  The company receives hikers from all over the world visit, especially from Europe and the United States. For more information contact: Mariela Reyes or Angie Diaz, Duarte Street #12, Hato Mayor del Rey. Visit or write: www.cuevafunfun.net and/or ranchocapote@hotmail.com. Telephone numbers: 809-553-2656 and 809-553-2812.

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