Everything You Need to Know About D.R. Cocoa and Chocolate


The exhibit “Making Chocolate Where It’s Grown” is now open in Punta Cana and in Santo Domingo’s “ChocoMuseo.” Visitors will receive a 30-minute tour that will take them through the history of this delicious tropical treat, from its origins in the Mayan civilization through its many properties and multiple uses throughout history. The tour is free and is offered in six languages: Spanish, English, French, Turkish, German and Russian.

Artisans produce cocoa products right on the “ChocoMuseo” right, such as 100% organic black and white chocolate bars, cocoa butter, chocolate, body creams, and cocoa shells that are used to make a medicinal tea that promotes blood circulation and weight loss.

Among the most popular products are cocoa jams made with delicious tropical fruit, such as passion fruit, coconut, banana and pineapple. Another popular product is the cocoa-flavored liqueur, which is combined with coffee, passion fruit, pineapple, vanilla and ginger.

Visiting Hours

The museum is open Monday through Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

For more information visit: www.chocomuseo.com. There are tasting stations set up during the tour, for everyone’s enjoyment.

Dominican Spirit

The “Dominican Spirit” is the museum’s most popular liqueur, a mixture of rum, cocoa, vanilla and coffee.


Visitors who want to make their own organic chocolate bars and chocolate can take a two-hour workshop taught by local artisans. The workshop fee is US$30 for adults and US$20 for children. Up to 15 can register per workshop. For more information, please call:  809-466-1022, or write to, puntacana@chocomuseo.com.

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