Third Annual “Sosua Multicultural Food Festival”

The third annual “Sosua Multicultural Food Festival” will be held in this north coast town from September 27-29.  The festival celebrates the various dishes that have been brought to this unique resort community by more than 40 nationalities.  What once was a sleepy fishing village, situated a few kilometers from Puerto Plata, the north coast most important city became famous in the 1930’s when it welcomed Jewish immigrants fleeing Nazi Europe.

The Festival is a true feast of flavors, and an experience to be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates fine cuisine.  In all, the Festival will feature a more than varied menu with a selection of the best dishes from restaurants that represent more than 20 countries.

Participants will also enjoy a varied program of activities, live music and many other activities.

The festival is organized by the City of Sosua Community Heritage Program, and co-sponsored by the Sustainable Tourism Project for the Province of Puerto Plata.

The goal of the Sosua Multicultural Food Festival is to celebrate the cultural diversity of this thriving community, where more than 40 different nationalities come together to make this one of the country’s most important multicultural communities.

This north coast coastal village became internationally famous for being the only one that welcomed Jewish immigrants fleeing Europe from Nazi persecution in the 1930s. Sosua is situated 15 minutes from Puerto Plata’s international airport. For more information, please write:

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