The Dominican Republic declared “Vacation Destination” of the New York Yankees baseball team


The Dominican Republic is being promoted as the “official vacation destination” by the famous New York Yankees.

The Ministry of Tourism and the world-famous baseball team agreed to have the Dominican Republic become the official tourism destination of the New York Yankees for the remaining 2013 baseball season.

The campaign will include placement of ads in English and Spanish publications, as well as other special activities that will be held in the stadium.

Dominican-born players such as Robinson Cano, Alfonso Soriano, Alex Rodriguez and Ivan Nova are current members of the New York Yankees.

“The Yankees love and admire the great nation of the Dominican Republic, a country rich in baseball fans.  The team is a proud member of the community through its baseball facilities in Boca Chica. We constantly work to foster our relationship with this important segment of our fans, not only in the Dominican Republic but in New York,” said Felix M. Lopez, the team’s EVP / CIO.

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