Samana’s seven “Dominican Treasures”

Seven small tourism-related businesses in the northeast province of Samana were recently honored as “Dominican Treasures” for their environmentally-friendly and excellent customer-service policies.

The awards were issued by the Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium (CDTC) to Taino Park, Parada La Manzana, Zipline Samaná, Clave Verde, Chalet Tropical Village, Ecocampo La Sangría and D` Vieja Pan. The following is a brief description of each of the establishments that received awards:

Taino Park
Situated along the Sanchez-Samana highway, the park features a small replica depicting life in a Taino village. There are more than 25 life-size models of the Tainos, the original inhabitants of the island. The museum also features 200 pieces of pottery, bone, stone and wood carvings made by the Tainos.

Parada La Manzana
On the road “El Limon”-Samana, in the community of Arroyo Surdido, this is a must-stop for anyone visiting the “El Limon” waterfalls, and offers visitors Dominican dishes and beverages. It also provides vegetarian dishes.

Zipline Samana
On the road “El Limon-Samana” is where visitors will find this seven-thousand long zipline.

Local tours provide the visitors with a safari ride which includes information on the culture and history of the Samana Peninsula.

Once at the zipline, tourists will climb some 400 feet up a nearby hill where a pirate ship awaits them and from where they will literally jump from one hill to the other.

Clave Verde
In Portillo, next to the beachfront community of Las Terrenas, visitors will find “Clave Verde,” a small compound consisting of four Caribbean-style homes offering spectacular views of the ocean and nearby mountains.

The units share a gymnasium and a swimming pool. All units run with solar energy.

Chalet Tropical Village
In Las Galeras, a beachfront community in the Samana Peninsula, there are three cabins built completely from natural materials that are perfectly integrated with the surrounding Caribbean environment.

All units provide all the necessaries amenities for the perfect vacation.

“Ecocampo La Sangria”
Also situated in Las Galeras, this project consists of seven log cabins that are the perfect destination for the ecotourist.

The projct is situated just minutes away from Playa Rincon, one of the best in the country according to experts. The project is run exclusively on clean energy.

D ‘Vieja Pan
This traditional and popular restaurant is a must stop for all those interested in local Samana food and treats.

The local culture in Samana originated with immigrants that came in from the English-speaking Caribbean during the first quarter of the 17th century.

Dominican Treasures
The Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium (CDTC) issues “Dominican Treasures” awards to regional establishments that meet a set of quality criteria such as compliance with local laws and regulations, excellent customer service and hygiene, competitive prices, infrastructure and safety, and environmental management.

The program is co-sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

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