“Los Patos,” the right spot to enjoy the majestic sea and the fresh waters of a nearby river

The beach “Los Patos” is one of the most impressive destinations in the southwest province of Barahona. It is unique because although it is a beautiful beach situated along the Dominican Republic’s southwest coastline, a fresh-water river literally runs through it. Located some 34 kilometers from the city of Barahona, “Los Patos” is also the name of the crystal-clear river that runs directly into the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Visitors to this region of the country are encouraged to visit “Los Patos.” It is a magical place that beckons the visitor over and over again. Situated some 34 kilometers from the city of Barahona,

“Los Patos” is formed by the mouth of the “Los Patos” River, the shortest river in the Caribbean. Just a few meters from where the river literally cuts through the beach in order to reach the sea, there is a fresh-water spring from where the river emanates. The area is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.

Food stalls are found right on the beach, with vendors selling fresh fried fish and other seafood. All meals can be leisurely enjoyed by sitting at the tables that are set up right by the shore and nearby river.

Just a few meters from the “Los Patos” beach, on a nearby hill, visitors can visit the “Los Patos” cave where they will find dozens of pre-Hispanic cave drawings, painted by the Tainos, the island’s original inhabitants.

Adolfo López Belando,
Environmental Consultant

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