DR economy grows by 1.6% during the first semester of 2013

The Dominican economy grew by 1.6% during the January-June semester. The industry sector, at the same time, reports a growth of 1.8%. The country’s Central Bank provides the information.

During this same time period, the number of international visitors traveling to the Dominican Republic was 2,572,464.

Of these, 1.5 million came from North America, 660,378 from Europe, 271,818 from South America and 93,557 from Central America and the Caribbean.

During this first semester, the average occupancy rate was 76% while the room supply increased by 1.1%.

Other economic data

The country’s inflation rate was 1.76% during the first half of the year, and the average exchange rate of was RD$41.27 per one U.S. dollar.

The agricultural sector grew by 1.2% during this time period, while the communications sector grew by 3.5%, manufacturing 3.4% and mining by 222.6%.

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