Colonial Zone bars bring action to sector’s nightlife

One way to enjoy the Bohemian atmosphere that characterizes this historic neighborhood, founded by the Spanish “conquistadors” in what is now the oldest city in the Americas, is to tour the local bars with good company.

For easy identification, Access offers a list of the Colonial Zone’s top 13 bars, all catering to a most varied clientele.

Lulu Tasting Bar: Its daring architectural structure, which brings together modern and classic elements, makes this a stylish and fun destination, the ideal place to enjoy the perfect drink or wine. A nearby wine cellar gives the customer the possibility of purchasing their favorite bottle of wine, and then paying a reasonable price at the bar for uncorking. (

Casa de Teatro: This is the Colonial Zone’s most important cultural venue. It is the “Casa” of artists, singers, dangers, poets, actors, painters, designers, photographers, etc. (

Double’s Bar: Its comfortable seating area makes it a great place to enjoy the perfect drink with the perfect friends. Great music and dancing. (

Pacuba Bar & Lounge: This bar is home to one of the Caribbean’s most important dance rhythms: the “son.” It offers a modern ambience, in three different areas, and a varied menu featuring Cuban cuisine. (Tel :809-686-9621).

El Sarten: The favorite destination for the experienced dancers. Music played features the best merengues, bachata, “son” and salsa. (Tel: 809-686-9621).

Sabina Bar: This particular bar is dedicated to Joaquin Sabina, the popular Spanish poet/singer/songwriter. It caters to an adult audience. (Tel: 809-660-6111).

Canario Patio Lounge: Situated in a typical Santo Domingo backyard, it is the perfect spot for those who enjoy Latin rhythms. (

“La Casa del Mojito:” The “mojito” is one of Cuba’s most popular drinks. “La Casa del Mojito” is not only a bar, but the perfect place to enjoy the best music in town. It also doubles as an art gallery. (Tel: 849-408-4380).

Lucia 203: This spacious colonial home is an excellent venue for social events, such as weddings and birthday parties. There is live music, featuring the best from yesterday and today’s hit parade. (Tel: 809-689-5546).

Café de Toi: This picturesque bar offers a cozy environment, featuring different seating areas. (Tel: 809-549-5481).

Proud Mary Pub: A “pub” offering a varied musical menu. The pub is famous for its sangria. (Tel: 809-689-6111).

“La Espiral” : This is definitely the place for excellent reggae and urban music. It is a favorite among the younger crowds. Live music on weekends. (Tel: 809-686-1765).

Cacibajagua: This curious Taino word (the Tainos were the island’s original inhabitants) means “The Cave From Where Life Came From.” It is a small, informal bar, featuring good rock music. (Tel: 809-333-9060).

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