The beautiful beaches and lagoons of Miches

The town of Miches, on the country’s northeast coast, was founded in the 19th century by villagers from the nearby village of Sabana de la Mar.

The villagers recognized that the coastal area, which had been abandoned for centuries, was an excellent spot where to protect their fishing boats and to set up successful coffee plantations.

Soon after, what today is known as the town of Miches, was quickly populated after gold was found in nearby rivers.

Today, the town’s main treasure is the impressive beauty of this coastal town, dotted with beaches and wetlands.

Esmeralda Beach, for example, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the country’s north coast.

The “Redonda” and “Limon” lagoons are also added attractions.

Esmeralda Beach is located between the town of Miches and “Redonda” Lagoon. And it is, by far, one of the region’s most beautiful beaches.

The beach’s white sands will lead the visitor through back roads that border the surrounding wetlands and which will eventually lead to the mouth of the “Caño Prieto” wetlands, all surrounded by mangrove trees that will lead to the nearby sea.

Local fishermen rent their canoes for a placid ride through the mangrove covered channels. The area is rich in a variety of water fowl.

The “Redonda” Lagoon offers local fishermen the perfect natural shelter where they can store their canoes, just the ways the Tainos, the original inhabitants of the island, once did.

Adolfo López
Environmental Consultant

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