“Ebano Verde” (Ebony Green): Hiking Through the Clouds


En route to the Valley of Constanza, after passing the highest point that leads from the country’s most important highway, visitors will find the village of Arroyaso where the “Ebano Verde” Scientific Reserve is situated.

The name comes from the tremendous amount of ebony trees found in the surrounding mountains.

Once in the Reserve, visitors can park their vehicles at the reception area where they can initiate one of the most beautiful hikes through the Dominican mountains.

The ecotourism trail is well maintained and forest rangers are situated in key points in order to provide permanent assistance.

Dozens of crystal-clear streams also abound in the region, providing the perfect spot for a relaxing dip in fresh and clean waters.

The hiking trails are surrounded by ferns and other plant life found in cloud forests.

The trees found are, of course, the green ebony trees which will certainly dominate the landscape during the tour.

Local birds are clearly visible throughout the entire hiking tour.


For more information, please call: Vice Ministry of Protected Areas (809-567-4300); or e-mail: areas.protegidas @ ambiente.gob.do.

Adolfo López
Environmental Consultant


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