2.1 million tourists visit the Dominican Republic during first semester 2013


During the month of June the number of tourists visiting the Dominican Republic jumped by 4.88%, in comparison to the same time period in 2012. The number for July reached 337,000 visitors through the country’s airports and, during the first semester of 2013, the total number of visitors to the country was 2.1 million. The United States continues to occupy first place, with 845, 000 tourists (39% of the total number of visitors) visiting the country during this time period. Canada came in second with 461,000 (or 21% of the total number). In all, both countries contributed 1.3 million tourists (60% of all tourists visiting the country).

The number of tourists from Europe was 548,000 tourists (or 25% of total). France came in as the third nation with the largest number of nationals traveling to the country with 133, 000 (6% of total), followed in order of importance by Germany (103,000); Russia (95,000); Argentina (59,000); Spain (58,000); England (45,000); Brazil (42,000) and Italy (40,000).Tourist arrivals in the month of June this year registered an increase of 4.88%, compared with the same month of 2012. In July, 337,000 visitors arrived by air and on completion of the first half the tourists received totaled 2 million 175 thousand.

Argentina occupies the sixth place with a total of 59,000 tourists (2.7%). South America is the country’s third most important regional market, with 219,000 visitors, or 10% of the total number for the first semester. For the first time South American countries occupy two positions in the list of the top 10 countries, with Brazil providing 42,000 (1.9%). Chile came in eleventh place, with 37, 000 (1.7%); Venezuela in twelfth position with 29,000 (1.3%); and Colombia, in the thirteenth slot with 20,000 (0.9%).

Punta Cana

During this same time period Punta Cana’s international airport received the largest number of visitors. A total of 1.3 million traveled through the terminal, representing 63.79% of all travelers visiting the Dominican Republic.

Through Santo Domingo’s international airport handled 397,921 travelers, representing 18.29% of the total. The north coast city of Puerto Plata’s international airport contributed 10.13% of the visitors, Santiago’s international airport 3.63% and La Romana, on the country’s eastern region, with 2.50%. Samaná’s airport, on the country’s northeast region contributed with 1.66% of all visitors to the Dominican Republic.


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