Cachote: touching the sky with your hands

There is a place where you think you can literally touch the sky, far away from the bustle and chaos of the city. Where reality appears to be an utopia and where you can discover different ways of connecting with nature.

The place is “Cachote”, a village consisting of some 30 families, founded by Francisco Asmar.

Its entire setting is a tremendous contrast with urban living.  It is situated one hour from the town of Paraiso, in the southwest province of Barahona.

The village is situated atop a cloud forest, some 1,100 meters above sea level, in the outer fringes of the Padre Miguel Fuertes Natural Monument.

The overall environment is unique in the Caribbean.  It is the ideal place for bird watching and impressive panoramic views of nearby valleys and mountains.  It is also the perfect destination to get away from it all, due to the tranquility of the place. Its visitor center features tents and three cottages managed by the community.

Hiking through the cloud forest is also an unforgettable experience.  A one-hour walk through the “Jibijoa” trail will take the visitor into a lush forest featuring exotic plants and birds.

The Visitor’s Center is run by “Ecoturistica de Cachote,” a small company that operates 20 tents and three cottages.

In the afternoons temperatures will feel cool, dropping significantly from the morning heat.

At night, rainfall is frequent. At dawn, after a chilly night, dense fog settles over the region, providing the perfect atmosphere for sharing a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or ginger tea.

The clouds actually come down so low that one feels as if touching them was possible.

Getting There

Visitors must use 4 x 4 vehicles.  Getting there is a one-hour ride from the village of “La Cienaga,” some 15 kilometers south of Barahona, or through the town of Paraiso, 25 miles south of Barahona.

Enriquillo Region Map

Map in Spanish

For the Adventure Lover

The project is the ideal destination for the eco-tourist that loves the outdoors.  Visitors must bring with them blankets, coats, wool hats, gloves and other cold-weather gear.  Batteries for cellular telephones and cameras should also be considered, as well as water, insect repellent, lanterns, and wet wipes.

For further information:

“Microempresa Ecoturistica de Cachote.”   Martiano Moreta.  Telephone 809-899-4702/809-524-6609.

By: Yamirys Liriano

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