Barahona is good for paragliding


The South region and specifically the mountains near the beaches of Barahona are good for the sport of paragliding. Ana Martin, instructor of this extreme sport, says the Barahona region offers outstanding conditions for this sport whose popularity is increasing in the Dominican Republic.

Ana Martin knows what it says it is paragliding instructor Paraglinding School Hawk school, working in Jarabacoa, a city in the mountainous center of the country.

She says Barahona has features that “enable the flight take off from a mountain, enjoying the scenery and land at any of the beaches located on these coasts such as the Playa Paraiso, Playa San Rafael or Playa los Patos”.

Paragliding is a device designed for the person using it can fly off from a high point using the wind currents.

Experts stress that Barahona offers laminated wind, which originates in the sea, collides with the mountains and no turbulence, so that the flight is quiet and dynamic.

Elsewhere on the island the wind is thermal, heat originated and flights have turbulencia.Un paragliding can last from 20 minutes to 4 hours. Depend on the wind conditions and the skills of the pilot.

Students and teachers of the Hawk Paraglinding School rallied to Playa Paraiso evidence here conditions for this sport.


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