Tourism continues to grow in the Dominican Republic

The arrival of international visitors to the Dominican Republic through the country’s seven international airports grew by 5.9% in 2012.

The country’s seven international airports received 3.9 million visitors, compared to 3.7 million in 2011.

Fifty-five percent of the international visitors were from North America.

This number grew 10.3% in comparison to 2011. To date, the United States is the largest supplier of international tourists to the Dominican Republic.

Europe came in second, with 28% of the overall number of visitors.

However, overall the European numbers represent a three-percent drop from previous years.

In comparison, South America is the third most important market (11%), but with the highest annual growth (12%).

Central America and the Caribbean contributed five percent of all arrivals, registering a four-percent growth.

The main markets were the United States (37.6% of the overall total), representing 1.4 million tourists; Canada (17.5%), with 689,000 tourists and an overall increase of 3.2%; and France (6.2%), with 245,000 tourists.

Rounding out the top 10 markets: Germany, 4.5% of arrivals and 183,000 tourists; Russia, 4.1%, with 163,000 tourists; Spain, 3.9%, with 156,000; Puerto Rico, 2.9%, with 112, 000; Argentina, 2.6%, with 101,000; England, 2.43%, with 95,000, and Italy, 2.3%, with 89,000.

Other important markets: Brazil, 2.0% and 79,000 tourists; Venezuela, 1.8% and 72,000 tourists; Chile, 1.5%, and 60,000; Colombia, 1.1%, and 44,000; and Peru, 1.0%, with 38,000.

The countries that experienced the highest growth were: Russia (35.1%); Venezuela (36.9%); Peru (27.1%); Chile (21.9%); the United States (14.0%); Colombia (9.7%); Brazil (4.3%); Argentina (3.9%); Canada (3.2%), and Puerto Rico (2.8%).

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