DR whale-watching season underway

This much-awaited season begins in January and runs through March.

The Whale Watching Season 2013 officially opened in the Atlantic waters, off the coastline of the Bay of Samaná, on the country’s northeast region.

The Bay of Samaná is included in the list of the world’s most beautiful bays.

The whales visit the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean every year to mate and reproduce, attracting thousands of national and international visitors who come to the port city of Samaná to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.

All whale-watching activity in the Dominican Republic is monitored by the country’s Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources.

All whale-watching tours, run by reputable agencies, include ground transportation, and a boat ride through the bay and to the area where the whales tend to congregate. Tours also include lunch and beverages.

Boats leave from 9:00 a.m. from the dock in Samaná.

The boat ride to the area where the whales usually gather usually takes 30 minutes.

The Bay of Samaná has been recognized by international organizations as the primary gathering site of these gentle giants of the sea.

Some 40,000 tourists visit the area each year to visit the humpback whales. The Samaná peninsula is known for its majestic mountains and impressive beaches.

Thousands upon thousands of coconut trees are found in the nearby hills and pristine beaches.

The region is also famous for its varied offer of small hotels and quaint restaurants, offering quality customer service.

Samaná now has an international and national airport, and it is situated some two hours northeast of Santo Domingo, the capital city, through a scenic highway.

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