Neiba: 100 Kilometers of mountains and virgin tropical forests

Nestled quietly in the country’s southwest region, the town of Neiba is situated in the very heart of one of the Dominican Republic’s most isolated mountain chains.

The region’s breathtaking beauty is visited by only a few. But the trip is certainly worth the experience.

One of the region’s most beautiful areas is without a doubt the rain forests found in these mountains. Nature lovers will find the region to be unique.

In order to reach the town of Neiba visitors must leave from Barahona, the region’s largest city, en route to the border town of Jimaní, situated on the western edge of Lake Enriquillo.

This salt-water lake is the largest in the Caribbean.

The region’s environmental importance is such that there are three distinct protected areas in the nearby mountain range: “Los Cacheos” Natural Monument.

“Los Cacheos” National Monument

This low-lying natural monument is known for its dense tropical dry forest. Cacti grows everywhere, specifically on the coral rock formation that still covers the area.

The Mahogany Natural Monument

This national park is found on the southern foothills of the nearby mountain chain. The forest features both dry and lush tropical forests, a unique combination found only in this region. The view from the park, especially the views of Enriquillo Lake and the Neiba Valley, are truly spectacular.

Neiba Mountain Range

This national park is truly a highlight when it comes to ecotourism. The protected areas extends for more than 100 kilometers, bordering the Dominican/Haitian border. Mount Neiba, the highest peak, is 2,260 meters above sea level.

A special attraction is Mount Neyba’s rainforest, a virgin forest that has remained intact for thousands of years. Reaching this unique destination will require an all-terrain vehicle.

For more information, please write to the Department of Protected Areas:, or call: 809-567-4300.

Adolfo López
Environmental Consultant

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