Cabarete: Successful Jazz festival held with the ocean as the perfect backdrop

The annual Cabarete Jazz Festival was recently held in this colorful and lively seaside village.

This is the only jazz festival in the Dominican Republic that mixes the magical blend of music and the sound of ocean waves, with the sand used as a red carpet.

This 16th annual Dominican Jazz Festival 2012, held in Sosúa, also on the north coast, and Cabarete, featured world-famous jazz musicians such as Fabrizio Sotti, Ricky Rodriguez, Henry Cole and Stanley Jordan, from the United States. Other participants included, the Ordoñez Trio (Dominican Republic), Pancho Amat (Cuba), Pedro Guzman, (Puerto Rico), and Claudia Acuña (Chile).

In its sixteenth edition, the Dominican Jazz Festival 2012 was held from 2 to 4 November, Sosua and Cabarete, Puerto Plata and included the participation of Sotti Fabrizio, Italy, Ricky Rodriguez, Henry Cole and Stanley Jordan, the United USA.

This year, the Jazz Festival featured the guitar as the preferred instrument.

The Festival is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Sea Horse Ranch, “Ferreteria Ochoa,” Jet Blue, Millenium, CICOM, “Banco del Progreso,” Sosua City Hall, Bar Restaurant Lax.

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