Breathtaking “El Limon” waterfalls in Samana

The “El Limon” municipal district, situated on the country’s beautiful northeast coast, is home to some of the Dominican Republic’s most beautiful waterfalls.

The best known is the “El Limon” waterfall, a protected area that annually attracts more than 40,000 visitors.

However, this particular region is home to other truly impressive waterfalls, easily reached through lush hiking trails that lead the visitor into a peaceful world where Dominican nature is at its best.

The “Salto de la Cola del Indio” (the Indian Tail Waterfall) is located along the same trail the visitor must take in order to reach the “El Limon” waterfall.

Because this particular waterfall is situated a few meters off the main trail, it receives fewer visitors.

When hiking on the trail, visitors should certainly ask their tour guides to take the short detour in order to visit this secluded, and very beautiful, spot. Below, a peaceful river receives the pouring water.

The “Salto de la Tosa” (Tosa Waterfall) is located directly behind the “El Limon” village. This particular waterfall is found at the end of the road that leads to the Tosa River, the village’s main water source. This is also a particularly beautiful waterfall.

Where the water falls into a medium-size pond. The pond is ideal for a refreshing swim.

The most pristine and spectacular of the region’s waterfalls is the “Palmarito Waterfall.” Getting to this particular waterfall is not difficult, but the hike will take about 45 minutes from the nearest village.

The waterfall drops directly into a pristine pond, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, and is very similar to the “La Tosa” waterfall.

The limestone deposits left on the river bed over thousands of years have formed a spectacular cavity that allows the visitor to see the waterfall from behind, without getting wet.

A refreshing swim in the pond will be a truly unforgettable experience. It is the perfect destination for the nature-loving visitor.

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