A tropical desert: The Jaragua National Park

The Jaragua National Park is located in the southwest coastal provinces of Barahona and Pedernales.

The natural and cultural attractions of this impressive reserve are endless, but visitors most frequently visit the Park’s most important attraction: the beautiful pristine beach known as “Bahia de las Aguilas” (Bay of Eagles).

Aside from the beautiful coastal areas, the park provides other natural attractions and unusual landscapes such as unusual limestone seaside cliffs. The region is also known for its flat coastal areas and unusual terraces.

Overall, the park’s vegetation mostly consists of dry subtropical vegetation, consisting mainly of dry forests, cacti and a rocky terrain. Rainfall is minimal in this region of the country.

Overall, scientists have identified some 400 different plant species, mainly plant life that is typical to a desert-like environment.

The region’s fauna is characterized by reptiles of all colors, especially two iguanas that are native to the region: the Cornuta and the Ricordi iguanas. Also, more than 130 species of birds, native and migratory birds, have been registered in the region.

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Adolfo López
Environmental Consultant

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