A tasty journey through the culinary scene in Punta Cana

Punta Cana is the most popular tourism destination in the Dominican Republic.

The beachfront destination offers luxury resorts, impressive white-sand beaches lined with miles of palm trees, turquoise waters, and more than 35,000 hotels rooms.

Outside the hotels and resorts there is a wonderful world of culinary delicacies to be discovered by the most demanding visitors.

The cuisine offered by the many restaurants in the region is dominated by European, Latin and Middle Eastern delicacies.

Outside the region’s many hotels is a world full of culinary delights and cultures, just waiting for that special visitor who would like to enjoy some of the treats offered here.

The offer has been enriched by the influence of European, Latino and Middle Eastern offers.

Tasty Selection by TripAdvisor

According to this world-famous tourism website, the following are Punta Cana’s top 10 restaurants.

1. Outside-In Bar & Restaurant. Described by readers as a cozy restaurant where good service is combined with tasty international treats. The restaurant specializes in light food” and “tapas,” the perfect accompaniment to local drinks and dishes that have been “cooked to perfection.”

2. Kukua Beach Club. This beach club and restaurant offers Spanish and international cuisine with certain local touches. Visitors can enjoy their meals overlooking the beautiful beach of Macao.

3. Jellyfish. The restaurant’s architecture resembles a jellyfish rising from the white sand. According to customers, the restaurant offers the freshest seafood in the area.

4. Balicana. Their specialty is mixing the flavors of Mediterranean species to local dishes, such as chicken curry and coconut, served with white rice.

5. Trattoria Mamma Luisa. Specializing in talian cuisine, the restaurant is highly recommended by residents of Punta Cana. It is famous for the varied fresh sauces that accompany its traditional pasta dishes. Customer service is excellent.

6. O’Porto. Its specialty is Portuguese cuisine, as well as Mediterranean. One of the restaurant’s specialty is the Portuguese “stew.”

7. Soles Chill Out Bar & Restaurant. The restaurant is characterized by a very simple decor and good customer service. The bar is situated literally on the beach. Specialty dishes includes international cuisine and seafood. It also has internet access and a DJ that plays right on the beach until the early morning hours.

8. “Huracan Café.” Strategically located on the beach, during the day visitors can enjoy fresh Italian pasta. At night, it is the perfect spot to listen to electronic music, enjoy a few drinks and a warm ocean breeze.

9. Noah. The restaurant merges Latin American cuisine with Bossa Nova music, and a comfortable terrace to relax in.

10. Acentos Bistro. Its daring seafood delights provides the visitor with exciting dishes. The restaurant reflects an elegant style for all those who enjoy a never-before experienced dish.

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