Tourist arrivals grows by 7.97% in September

Tourist arrivals to the Dominican Republic grew by 7.97% in September 2012, in comparison to the number registered during the same time period last year. Statistics indicate that 258,810 non-resident tourists visited the Dominican Republic by air, 19,104 more tourists than the number registered in September 2011.  During the January-September 2012 the arrival of tourists grew by 206,028.  That overall number of tourists can be broken down by region: 177,217 (North America); 146,852 (U.S.) and Canada (27,011).  South America contributed with 43,251 additional visitors.  Of these, 16,768 came from Venezuela; 7,101 from Chile; 6,818 from Argentina; 5,866 from Brazil; 5,258 from Peru and 4,836 from Colombia.

In the European market, Russian increased its number of tourists by 32,526 and France with 7,189.

Punta Cana maintains strong market leadership

Punta Cana’s international airport is by far the terminal that handles the most significant number of tourists.  During the first nine months of 2012, more than 1.8 million passengers came through that specific airport, representing 61.33% of all visitors traveling to the Dominican Republic.

Las Americas International Airport, in Santo Domingo – the capital city – handled 20.57% of all air travelers, followed by Puerto Plata, 9.17%;, the Cibao Region, 4.34%; La Romana, 2.73%; and La Isabela (Santo Domingo’s local airport) and El Catey in Samaná together received 1.86% of all non-resident visitors.

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