The Wild Ranch: a sustainable adventure destination

The Wild Ranch is an ecotourism facility that provides not only entertainment to its visitors, but also seeks to preserve the flora and fauna of the Dominican Republic.

The ranch offers a sanctuary to protected species, such as iguanas, snakes and birds.

Visitors will have the opportunity to come up close and personnel with these local species, and will also be able to do a canopy tour, gliding on top of the surrounding forest.

For the quieter tourist, a simple stroll through the nearby trails, or kayaking on the Chavon River, will be more than enough.

These are the activities that have made the farm economically sustainable.

The Iguana Zoo

Wild Ranch is home to a large iguana population.

The objective of the iguana zoo is not only to protect the local species, but to help it reproduce.

Information is provided to the visitor on the need to protect and preserve the Caribbean iguana.

4 X 4 Tours

The adventure begins with a tour on a 6×6 all-terrain military vehicle that will take visitors to a true wildlife preserve.

There, they will see the beauty of the surrounding terrain and appreciate the flora and fauna endemic to the region.

It is the perfect tour for visitors interested in understanding the many bird species that make this region home, and the surrounding vegetation.

Visitors will receive proper instructions as to what to wear in order to make the tour as comfortable as possible.

How to Get There

Wild Ranch is located near a village called “Santa Cruz de Gato,” situated 15 minutes from the Bayahibe tourism resort, on the country’s eastern region.

For more information, visitors can visit the Wild Ranch website (, tel. 809 330 4339).

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