Province of Azua, on the country’s southwest region offers beaches, forests and local architecture

Situated on the country’s southwest region, the province of Azua is very easy to reach. The region has tremendous ecotourism attractions that have yet to be discovered.
For example, the province is home to the “Sierra Martín García” National Park, a lush tropical enclave surrounded by arid terrain.

In “Puerto Viejo” there is a wildlife refuge, a beautiful area characterized by pristine beaches.

Fishing boats are available on the beaches, just in the case the visitor wants to enjoy a quiet boat ride through the bay. Azua: beaches, forests and local architecture.

Once the visitors leave the city of Azua, situated 90 minutes west of the capital city of Santo Domingo, they will reach the town of “Puerto Viejo,” home of the Mangrove Wildlife Refuge.

The area is known for its pristine beaches and mangrove forests.

Visitors can safely swim in the cool and very calm waters that border the coastline. The beaches offer rustic “picnic” areas, and there are fishermen ready to take the visitors out to the bay on their boats for a reasonable fee.

Further west, the road will lead the visitors to the small village of “Barrera Mordán,” quietly situated on the nearby mountains.

The village is well known for the unusual architecture of its rustic homes. Most of the homes have no windows, rather wooden gates that substitute this important architectural feature.

This feature is found only in this region of the Dominican Republic.

Continuing along the mountain roads, visitors will reach the “Sierra Martín García” National Park.

This protected area is unique because it is a lush tropical forest surrounded by arid terrain. The park resembles a natural island.

The park’s coastal area is extensive and the nearby mountains offer spectacular panoramic views of the Bay and Valley of Neyba, the “Hoya de Enriquillo” and “Puerto Viejo.”

The landscapes in this region are truly spectacular.

For more information, please write to the Department of Protected Areas: areas.protegidas @ Tel: 809-567-4300.

Adolfo López
Environmental Consultant

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