Hideaway beaches and hideouts in Cape Samaná, on the country’s northeast corner

Situated in the southeastern section of the Samaná Peninsula, which on the map of the Dominican Republic resembles a stretched arm reaching out to the sea, visitors will find one of the country’s most beautiful capes.

The breathtaking beauty of Cape Samaná, and the importance of its surrounding areas, encouraged the Dominican authorities to declare the entire region as a National Monument, and part of the country’s National System of Protected Areas.

The coastal area of this National Monument features impressive seaside cliffs, which overlook the breathtakingly beautiful “Punta El Cabito” Bay and Cape Samaná.

In this same area visitors will find one of the region’s most beautiful beaches, “Beach Madame,” a favorite meeting place for local fishermen.

In order to reach the isolated “Beach Madame,” visitors must rent a boat in the village of “Las Galeras.”

Also recommended for their incredible beauty are the “Puerto El Fronton” and “Fronton Beach.”

Cape Samaná is also the perfect destination for the nature lover. Suggested places to visit: “Boca del Diablo”, a hollow cliff that seems to spew vapors caused by the waves that hit the cliffs below.

From the hills above, visitors can enjoy breathtaking sites of the entire region. Small hideaway beaches, a rocky coastline and other sites are clearly visible for visiting tourists to enjoy.

Archaeological finds in the many caves that dot the region indicate that the first inhabitants of the island once lived in the area.

Many cave paintings have been discovered, and are clearly visible, in nearby caves.

Getting to “Cabo Samaná”

In order to reach “Cabo Samaná” visitors much make their way through a small road that will take them to the village of “Cueva del Agua.”

The village is located a few kilometers before the town of “Las Galeras.”

For more information, please contact the Vice Ministry of Protected Areas at areas.protegidas@ambiente.gob.do, or at 809-567-4300).

Adolfo López
Environmental Consultant

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