Paths of Faith: innovative religious tourist route

“Paths of Faith” is a new tourist route organized by the Ministry of Tourism and the Catholic Church. The route includes stops at two museums and a tour of the “Santo Cerro” Catholic religious complex, in the town of La Vega, in the very heart of the Dominican Republic.
The “Santo Cerro” was the first convent built by the Catholic Church in the country, in 1527. The museums are also located in the city of La Vega.

The “Santo Cerro” overlooks the Valley of La Vega, and is a traditional place of pilgrimage for Dominicans.

The shrine, built in 1880, is run by the Sisters of Charity. This site is dedicated to the Virgin of Mercy, whose feast is celebrated on September 24 in the Dominican Republic.

Next to the church stands the Monument Light of the World, a 13-meter high cross which overlooks the Valley below.

Thousands of Dominicans and international pilgrims annually visit this important shrine.

According to legend, the Virgin first appeared there during a battle between the Spanish colonizers and the Tainos, the original inhabitants of the island.

The “Museo Sacro” in La Vega, is located across the street from the town’s Cathedral.

There is also a Museum that Honors the Virgin Mary.

The city of La Vega is located in the valley of La Vega. This region is known for its prosperous agricultural community. It is situated in the very center of the island. La Vega is also famous for its annual carnivals, which are held every Sunday during February. The Carnival attracts thousands of local and international tourists.

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