El Morro, mangrove forests and impressive canals of Montecristi

The Montecristi “Morro” is now a National Park. This seaside cliff offers visitors a spectacular view of the nearby shoreline and its unique ecosystem. Visitors will find unparalleled beautiful areas within this National Park.

There is an ecological trail that will lead visitors to the top of nearby mountains, or they can visit the spectacular mangrove trees found near the beaches. There are also small boats that will take visitors on a tropical water ride through an intricate set of canals. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing swim in the canals, all surrounded by mangrove trees.

It was on January 4, 1493 that the European settlers first set eyes on the imposing “Morro de Montecristi,” the seaside limestone cliff situated on the shores of the nearby northwest coastal town of Montecristi, in the Dominican Republic.

When Christopher Columbus first set eyes on the huge cliff, legend says that it reminded him of the mount where Christ was crucified.

That’s why he named the region “Monte Christi.”

Visitors to the region will find places of truly breathtaking beauty, such as the nearby beaches from where the “Isla de las Cabras” (Goat Island) is clearly visible, surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters.

In order to reach the Park’s dry forest, visitors must walk on a lovely ecological trail that will lead them to the surrounding mountains.

Iguanas, birds, as well as the unique beauty of the region’s flora will be truly appreciated by the nature lover.

At the foot of the “Morro” visitors will be taken aback by the beauty of the nearby mangrove trees, which stand along an intricate canal system, quite a contrast to the nearby dry mountain forest environment.

Visitors can enjoy a quiet ride through the canal system in a small boat, available in a nearby old-fashioned marina.

The boats will ride along the canal systems.

Visitors can also enjoy a refreshing swim in the surrounding shallow, transparent waters.

The mangroves are packed with abundant waterfowl, and local colorful birds.

The canal tour will end in the nearby beach, under the imposing “Morro” cliff.

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Adolfo Lopez, Environmental Consultant.

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