Punta Salinas: exotic paradise situated a short distance west of Santo Domingo

Situated some 93 kilometers to the west of the city of Santo Domingo, visitors will find Punta Salinas, one of the most beautiful and exotic coastal areas in the Dominican Republic.

Punta Salinas is located in the province of Peravia, on the country’s southwest region.

Just west of the city of Baní, access to Punta Salinas is very easy once you get on Sanchez Highway.

Playa Salinas (or Salinas Beach, in English) is situated at the very end of the Maximo Gomez Highway.

It is found less than one kilometer from the town of Salinas, the perfect spot for a good dip in the Caribbean waters, as well as for practicing wind and kitesurfing.

On the beach is the “Parador Punta Salinas,” a seafood restaurant that also offers dancing and free entertainment for children.

Another eating option is the “Cueva del Pirata” restaurant, also specializing in seafood.

The second beach along this impressive coastline is the “Derrumbao” beach, an isolated spot used extensively by local fishermen.

The beach offers visitors a perfect natural swimming pool right in the heart of the Caribbean Sea.

The more adventuresome can walk to through the salt marshes to the natural swimming pool, or they can hop on a local boat and be there in just a few minutes.

Between the town of Salinas and Salinas Beach, there is a salt mine. Visitors can see, from up close, extensive terraces built in order to accumulate seawater.

Once the water evaporates, the salt remains.

Because of its strange and very beautiful landscape, as well as the mysterious light visible in the early morning and late afternoon, the place has become a favorite among national and international photographers.

For those planning to stay overnight there is the Hotel Salinas, a small establishment that features a marina and a lovely seaside terrace, and a restaurant specializing in seafood.

The region is the perfect get-away, especially for those in and around the Santo Domingo metropolitan area.

Visitors can get away from the noisy city and escape to this remote, yet near, environmental enclave.

Text and photos: John Sangiovanni

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