Multicultural Food Festival Soon in Sosua

The second “Multicultural Food Festival of Sosua” will be held September 28-30 in the Parque Las Flores, in the north coast seaside village of Sosua.

The community became popular after Jewish immigrants running away from Nazi Europe, during the Second World War, made their way to the north coast town turning it into a dynamic dairy community.

Today, the village is a popular tourism haven, dotted with small tourist shops, villas and apartments.

One of the town’s most important features is its diverse cuisine.

European and American culinary culture has had a strong impact on Sosua, as seen in the town’s popular restaurants.

Many are owned by European and American citizens who have settled in the area in the last 30 years.

The Festival’s program includes the presentation of plays, art exhibitions, music and a special program for children.

Sosua is close to Cabarete, a former fishing village that in the last years has turned into a mecca for those practicing such water sports as kiteboarding and windsurfing.

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