Modern Highway Brings Together Punta Cana and Santo Domingo

The recently inaugurated Coral Highway will reduce the drive between Santo Domingo and Punta Cana, the country’s most important tourism region, from 3.5 to two hours. Punta Cana is the main tourist region in the country, offering 35,000 rooms and with an annual influx of some 2.2 million tourists last year alone.

Santo Domingo is the country’s capital city, offering a variety of commercial and cultural attractions such as the Colonial Section, providing the visitor with a historical perspective of the Spanish colonial period.

This modern highway now provides easy access to Santo Domingo for tourists visiting the eastern region of Punta Cana.

A one-day visit to Santo Domingo is now truly accessible, where visitors will be able to enjoy the many attractions the capital city has to offer, such as modern shopping malls.

The Coral Highway is considered now to be one of the most important infrastructures for the Dominican tourism industry.

The four-lane highway (two in each direction) features 70 kilometers of a first-rate highway, built with an investment of US$400 million.

The Cora Highway links the city of La Romana and the Punta Cana region, as well as the resorts and airports that has turned the eastern portion of the Dominican Republic into one of the Caribbean’s most dynamic tourism regions.

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