Hotel provides inside look at life in the dominican countryside

It is not easy for urban residents to imagine life in rural Dominican Republic.  It is even much more difficult for them to imagine what it is like to tend to a Dominican vegetable garden, milk cows or sleep in a wooden cabin with a thatch roof.  Although these situations can be easily described through the written word, nothing equals the true-life experience. This is precisely what the “Ecocampo La Sangria” offers the visiting tourist.  Situated in the village of “Los Tocones” in the northeastern province of Samaná, the hotel is situated very near “Playa Rincon,” considered to be one of the finest beaches in the world.

This innovative ecological destination is run with solar energy, features seven wooden cabins all surrounded by colorful tropical gardens, which includes coconut and palm trees, as well as abundant tropical fruit trees.  The cabins are built comfortably apart, giving guests the privacy they are looking for.

The Essence of the Dominican Countryside

“La Sangria” offers its guests the opportunity of participating in such simple countryside activities as milking a cow, planting and harvesting a vegetable garden or picking fresh fruit from tropical trees, such as mangoes, oranges, lemons, avocados and passion fruit, among others.

There are plenty of chickens that, along with local fish and meats, make up the basic diet of the local residents.

Other main attractions: the pristine and very beautiful Playa Rincon and the “Caño Frio” river, where visitors can enjoy both a swim in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and a dip in the cool waters of the nearby river.

Another attraction is what the locals call the “Ginger Route,” a community project that promotes local traditions; “Laguna Salada,” a fresh water lagoon where kayaking is available; as well as other interesting environmentally friendly sites.

Also, if you’re visiting during the first three months of the year, this is the place to be in order to watch the whales go through their annual pilgrimage through the warm waters of the region, where they come to mate.

Dominican Treasure

“La Sangria” has been certified by “Dominican Treasures,” of the Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium.

This certification is awarded to tourism projects and services that meet the highest quality standards based on the global criteria for sustainable tourism.

The project is run by Maria Cristina, a dynamic woman who combines the beauty of women in the Caribbean, the strength and goodness of the Dominican countryside and the expertise of a professional tourism management, with 16 years of experience in Canada and Spain. (Jose Luis Chavez)

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