DR tourism card can now be purchased online

The tourism card, which must be purchased by tourists visiting the Dominican Republic, can now be purchased online through the country’s Internal Revenue service www.dgii.gov.do/Tturistaweb/

Information is provided in Spanish, English and French. The cost of the tourist card is US$10 and is also available in local airports, ports, Dominican Embassies and Consulates, tourist offices and tour operators. The tourist card is purchased online

Purchasing the card online is easy. Once inside the page you select the language, indicate the number of cards you want to purchase and begin to enter the required data: full name, address, city, state and e-mail, as well as credit card information where you will charge the purchase.   Once the process is completed, you will receive a confirmation notice.

The citizens of Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, South Korea, Israel and Japan are exempt from purchasing the tourist card.

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