Water sports, lagoons, forests and caves for tourists to fully enjoy

Less than 500 meters from the beautiful shores of Cabarete Beach, visitors will find and delight in one of the country’s most spectacular destinations: the protected Natural Monument of Cabarete and Goleta.

For the traveler who loves sports, adventure and nature, this particular spot manages to bring all these elements together.

The beach in Cabarete is considered to be one of the best kite surfing beaches in the world.

It’s surrounding tropical forests, limestone hills and lagoons are the ideal place for exploring ancient caves and off-the-beaten track hiking trails.

The protected area, which opened in 1997, is carefully attended to by well-trained guides.

Their presence makes the visitor feel much more at home and safe.

The protected area offers the most beautiful scenery. It is packed with colorful tropical flowers and flora, featuring endemic and rare species.

The region is also dotted with caves, most found in the dense tropical forest nearby. In some caves the visitor will be able to appreciate drawings made centuries ago by the native population.

(For more information, please write to www.areas.protegidas@ambiente.gob.do. Phone: 809-567-4300)

Adolfo Lopez
Environmental Consultant

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