Travel back to the land where Columbus once landed

The Taino Cultural Park provides visitors to the northeast province of Samaná with a very special historical tour.

The exhibit presents an interesting look back at what life was like on the island when Christopher Columbus landed here in 1492.

The park offers tourist an imaginary trip back to 1492, where they will see what life was like for the Tainos (the original inhabitants of the island).

The tour offers an interesting account of the culture shock experienced by the Tainos when Christopher Columbus arrived with the Spanish conquistadors.

The exhibit depicts scenes such as the Tainos participating in the ritual of the cassava root; a scene where they face in combat the Spanish conquistadors; the three Spanish vessels entering the Caribbean Sea; and various scenes depicting what life was like 500 years ago on the island for the newly arrived Spaniards.

More than 200 pieces made by the Tainos out of pottery, bone, stone and wood reflect their culture and art. The park opens daily from 9:00-5:30.

The Taino Cultural Park is located in “Los Róbalos,” a community located in the very heart of the Samaná Peninsula, some 15 minutes from downtown Samaná.

The entry fee is $500 pesos (approximately US$12). No charge for children. For more information:

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