The magical Southwest to receive tourists visiting Punta Cana

Air Century Airlines will soon launch regular flights between Punta Cana’s international airport and the international airport in Barahona, the southwest’s most important city.

The flights will make a quick stop in Santo Domingo’s local airport.

The announcement was made by the Tourism Cluster of Barahona and “Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (Aerodom),” the company that runs the country’s airports.

Flights are scheduled to begin on July 4th, and will run on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

It will offer visitors the possibility of flying into Barahona from Santo Domingo and the country’s easternmost region.

The aircraft to be used is a 19-passenger Turbo Prop BAE JetStream 3100/3200.

Off the beaten path

Barahona is fast becoming an important tourism destination in the country’s southwest region.

Known for its small and quaint hotels, some catering to an exclusive clientele, the region offers impressive eco-tourism possibilities.

Also an important attraction: the region’s cultural diversity and excellent aquatic activities.

The region is very different from the country’s easternmost region, known for its impressive tourism resorts, especially in Punta Cana and in La Romana.

It also offers a very different, yet attractive offer, from the country’s north coast tourism enclave.

The flights will enable tourists flying in to Punta Cana (which receives 60% of the tourists visiting the country) to combine their vacation with a two-night stopover in Barahona.

The Southwest is only one hour away

By taking the Air Century flight visitors will reduce the seven-hour drive from the east to Barahona into one hour.

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