Rancho Platón: lodging and adventure in a pristine environment

Rancho Platón is a nine-room eco-lodge that has successfully brought together local architecture with the beautiful tropical environment of the country’s southwest region.

Located in the rural community of “Paraiso,” situated some 38 kilometers from the southwest city of Barahona, the facility is the perfect destination for the traveler who will appreciate the tranquil setting provided by this small hotel, surrounded by mountains, rivers and lush tropical vegetation.

Other main attractions: hiking trails, horseback riding through nearby virgin forests, mountain-bike trails and the refreshing waters of the nearby river.

What to expect: for the true nature lover, the lodge offers its guests hiking trails, horseback riding, mountain-bike rides, camping, or refreshing dips into the nearby river.


“Rancho Platón” was designed under the “Sustainable Architecture and Bioclimate” concept, which consists of rustic cabins built to maximize the beautiful tropical setting.

One of the lodges, known as the “Cascada,” or Cascade, which as the name indicates features a cascade in the terrace area that ends in a natural pool; the “Palma” lodge is suspended on tree tops, seven meters from the ground, and from where the visitor can take in the full beauty of the surrounding countryside; the “Bambu” lodge, built in an area surrounded by bamboo trees, for those looking for even more privacy.

The construction and decoration of each lodge offers the visitor an interesting mix of designs which provide a friendly and easy-going atmosphere. The sound of rain falling on the tin-metal roofs is a pleasant surprise for all visitors.


“Rancho Platón” offers lodges with a single, double or triple room, and prices vary from US$80 to US$125 a night, including breakfast and all activities.

Visitors also have the option of choosing the “Tronco” lodge, with capacity for 8-10 guests.

These particular lodges are excellent for group tours. All are equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fans, balconies overlooking exotic landscapes, and bathrooms with hot running water.


The restaurant offers local and international cuisine. Guests may choose the “a la carte” option, or the buffet for group tours.

All costs are included in the established rates. For more information: www.ranchoplaton.com; rancho.platon @ gmail.com; Tel. 809 383-1836.

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