More tourists: arrivals grow by 7% during january-may period

The number of tourist visiting the Dominican Republic by air grew by 7% during the January-May period of this year.

The total number of arrivals peaked at 1.8 million visitors.

The additional 138,705 visitors traveled to the country from North America (almost 92,000) and South America (33,709). Visitors from the following countries have increased significantly: U.S. (73,989); Canada (16,796); Russia (24,069); France (8,071); Argentina (8,282); Venezuela (7,480); Brazil (7,328); Chile (3,958); Peru (3,871) and Colombia (3,369).

In comparison to May 2011, some 15,000 additional tourists visited the Dominican Republic during this same time period.

Punta Cana’s international airport remains the favorite for tourists visiting the Dominican Republic.

The latest figures indicate that 1.1 million visitors came in through the country, representing 62.23% of all tourism arrivals in the country.

Las Americas International Airport received 18.17% of all tourist arrivals, while Puerto Plata received 10.68%; La Romana, 3.33% and La Isabela and El Catey, on the north coast, 2.24%.

The countries with the highest number of visitors through the Punta Cana airport: United States, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

May 2012. Tourist Arrivals by Country through Punta Cana Airport:
United States 47,834


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